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Based on your comments a friend and I took the bus to the 九眼桥北 bus stop. Maybe we got off at the wrong stop. I asked some guy where I can buy used bikes he told us to go down and ask someone at the corner. We ended up somewhere over here, when a man and a woman asked us if we were looking to buy bikes. They took us down an alley past a mahjong gambling den into a small room with a bunkbed and about 8 bikes. They closed the door and the guy promptly started puffing on a cigarette asking how much we wanted to spend. We didn’t end up buying from him. He wanted 400 something kuai for an 18 speed bike. We wandered around looking for the real used bike lot you all are talking about. Couldn’t find it. We ended up a long ways away at Chunxilu and Tianfu square. Finally we ended up at TrustMart and I bought a cheap-o brand new bike for 199 kuai.