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As the Pug owners, YES there are many things we would have done differently in retrospect. We don’t make the food cheaper because we always want the same quality and believe us our food profit is LOW! We had no idea of the volume of people since the previous week was slowing down A LOT due to lots of people leaving town. Bad planning on our part. We thought it would be more of a family turnout as it started for lunch.

Anyways, point taken and we learn from each holiday! As another note, the California beer (you had one of them the Red Seal) we have was marked up by our supplier and cost us 27.5 a bottle! It was just dropped off to us and billed to us since the supplier knew we wanted it for an American holiday! We had 10 kuai proper shots and always pour very heavy. However, we do understand AND expected the criticism!

Enjoy the summer and hope to see you when we re-open in August..stronger and smarter. In the future, we will offer cheaper options as we do appreciate and respect all of our customers.

Thank you,

Dana and Danny