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If you have friends and you want to play together there are 5 a side pitches in the mall near carrefour, at decathlon (next to ikea) and inside the stadium at Sichuan University. The pitch at decathlon is free but you have to pay for the other 2.

If you want to just head along and join in a game go to any of the full size pitches at Sichuan University. There will be plenty of games there. You can’t play at that pitch on the first ring road now because the Sichuan team use it for training.

If you want to play with some foreigners then come along to hua xi* 6pm on Wednesday nights as the Wanderers train there.

*head from computer city towards tian fu square on ren min nan lu, the gate will be on the right hand side of the road, opposite a dicos (next to the hua xi ba subway station). Enter the campus and the pitch is about 100/200 metres ahead on the left.

PM me if you want more information.