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Thanks all for your input!

I’ve read a lot of different opinions about which banks are best, but as long as I can transfer money somehow, I guess I can work something out. China sounds like Japan somewhat regarding credit cards; for all its modernity, most Japanese merchants will not handle credit cards that are not issued by Japanese banks. My chief concern is merely that I don’t know what my my financial situation will be in my first month or two after arrival. My company will cover the cost of a lot, but I will have to front up with the cash first before being reimbursed.

Stellar post Chris, you covered a lot there, thanks! You too Federico. Regarding VPNs, does that mean I can organise one in Chengdu? And if anyone can recommend any apartments offering fiber optic that would be awesome. I’m thinking of living south somewhere around the 3rd-2nd ring road for around 5,000 rmb a month if that’s possible. I don’t need big and fancy accommodation, just fast internet and a place that’s close to a laundry and some restaurants!

As for a small scooter/motorcycle, this sounds like the way to go. Can anyone suggest what sort of cost this is likely to entail? I’ll probably get a bicycle too, but for commuting, I think I’ll need something powered.

Thanks again!