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Avatar photoCharlie
Arrested there once – but I was urinating on the front gate. 2004 I think. They protest if you walk on the walk, but if you’re white and pretend not to be ignorant / American and not understand, they don’t bother you much..then again, I haven’t tried since the pee-challenge incident.

That is epic. Well done.

I’m missing something. What’s the big deal about walking there?

I lived practically next door to the consulate for 2 years and I still have no idea. It’s the only place in Chengdu where you can’t use the sidewalk in front of a building. There are Chinese guards wearing camouflage with helmets and guard dogs and you have to walk in the street to pass the building.

It’s obnoxious and embarrassing to me, as an American. Not to mention that the entire place is patrolled by Chinese soldiers who don’t even speak English. It doesn’t seem fitting for a US Consulate and it affirms peoples notions of America being a paranoid and militant empire. No other consulate in Chengdu is anything like that at all.