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Remember the old days of Xiong Mao at blue Caribbean plaza when there was such as thing as PRE GAMING? Free entrance, buy a draft beer or two for 15-20 kuai and stash a flask/pint of qingjiu if you are so inclined.

I’m with Justin regarding refilling “kiddie” cup with awful beer every 5 minutes to feel like I justified spending 100+ RMB. Such binge drinking typically ruins my sunday as I wake up early, unable to fall back asleep and barely able to focus on checking my email let alone working on my novella.

Went to the “Three Musketeers” party last week, to support Jiong Jiong and we got free drinks behind the DJ booth cuz of guanxi. The place had a good turnout (free entrance on a friday) although despite the 60 or so folks inside the lounge perhaps only 8 or 10 of them were actually dancing or standing up to head bob to the rhythm.

What I fear is that the smaller style lounge parties attract a wealthy older crowd who like bottle service but won’t get up and shake their groove thing at 128 bpm. Then again, my co-workers are eager to come out to all the parties I talk about, but with a salary of ~2000RMB a month, they can’t fork over the high ticket price. Hope this a a turn for a better, but I do know that substantially less “dancy drunk” foreigners will turn up because they could save the 60kuai (roundtrip taxi) and get another 3-6 beers at jah bar/ lan town/ hemp house