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Some news for those of you inside the firewall, here is the latest since a day and a half ago (I’m in Taiwan).

There are now 16 Chinese light destroyers and 4 maritime patrol vessels around the Diau Islands along with 100 Taiwanese missile cruisers and assorted escort ships and Japan also has thrown 80+ frigates and assorted ships. Add to this madness 1000+ fishing vessels from all three countries and you know that’s a volatile mix. All in the same space around a few rocks sticking out of the water.

On the biz front China is threatening to withhold 100% of it’s rare

earth mineral exports to Japan for 3C and electronic devices which

would instantly shut off the Japanese economy. Strange winds are

blowing, and all the citizens of all the falling economies of Asia are now distracted enough so they are not complaining about what is

happening at home. The distraction has let them forget falling wages,unemployment and the economic slowdown.

There is open internet in Taipei and its on the news morning, and evening. Their worry is not that the governments will start shooting at each other but some bone head nationalist fisherman from one of the three countries with an AK-47 on their fishing boat will fire on a military vessel.

Happy Thursday! Peace