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Here is a snippet from China Post in Taiwan,

TAIPEI–At least 100 Taiwanese fishing boats are expected to approach the disputed Diaoyutai Islands in the East China Sea in the coming days to protest against Japan’s occupation of the island group and harassment of fishermen around the islands.

“Our goal is to mobilize over 100 fishing boats to gather in the waters around the Diaoyutais,” Chen said.

He said the plan is for the participating vessels to circle the waters 12 nautical miles off the island group, which is administered by Japan but also claimed by China and Taiwan.

He also did not rule out the possibility that the boats will try to penetrate the defenses of Japanese patrol boats and land on the islets to raise the Taiwan flag in a show of protest.

It is estimated that the fishermen taking part in the protest will need at least NT$5 million (US$170,179) in fuel subsidies for their protest.

The association will shoulder NT$1.4 million of the cost, but members of committee will have to solicit donations to make up the shortfall.

So if the fishermen of Taiwan need extra funds to protest and the journey is three times shorter than vessels coming from China, I wonder how much China is subsidizing the Chinese fishermen?

Independent protests funded by the govt. Go team Go!

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