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Avatar photoVincent NL

I’m studing at Chuan Da and I quite enjoy it.

I’m not here for a degree, but just do the language program. Yes, there’s a lot of homework (about every 2 days a dictation), but I’m here to learn Chinese and work just a little. For me it especially works, because I’ll just be lazy if there’s no homework.

@ Ye Ming, if you don’t know any characters that might be a bit of a problem. I’m in the elementary class and we have both pinyin and characters, but in our second book (and for all higher classes) there are only characters. But there are a few students in the same situation and they follow the comprehensive classes in their own level (intermediate I think) and the reading/ writing/ listening classes in my elementary class. Talk to someone at the overseas student office and see what they can offer you.

I think it might be a good option to first study with a private teacher. Then you can focus a lot on the characters and once you catch up enroll to the uni or continue with a private teacher. It doesn’t need to be very expensive if you look around.