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Avatar photoRick in China

Best pre-club/bar experience in Chengdu: 四海一家 (si hai yi jia, 4th floor at Yanlord, the building with LV at the corner on renmin nan lu)

Forget the hundreds of types of food available to snatch up as you want, but they keep Sake, Wine, and Carlsberg on tap – self-serve. I usually fill a mug 80% beer and drop a few sakes in to make my own little bombs. Now, though, they have a sub-zero icebox Vodka Bar next to the normal bar. It’s almost never got anyone in it – they just peep in – seems the locals just go there to snatch up crab legs, foie gras, beijing duck, and haagan-dazs. The food isn’t all top quality, but with some sampling you’ll find what suits you.

I think it’s like, 186rmb/person for weekend dinners, with some discount if you pay via bank of china debit card.