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Avatar photoRick in China

@JerryS: Can you tell me one bar or club in Chengdu where, if you frequently go to hunt down easy girls and have unprotected sex, you wont likely end up with a STD? I thought not. Can you tell me a bar or club in Chengdu geared towards “can meet someone meaningful there”? I thought not. Also, can you tell me one bar/club where there isn’t teens to 70’s? In Chengdu, there are no door men letting certain people in, head to any of the popular Chinese clubs and tell me you don’t see a bunch of fat old men and hookers roaming about.. this is just how it is in the city.

@Jazz – they have DJ working there every day. They created a DJ booth that’s on 2nd floor above the dance floor, and have full-time DJ, they paid for a foreigner to go through DJ training and hire her full time AFAIK, and have guest DJ’s some nights. To be honest I haven’t been to a single bar/club in Chengdu where I go “Wow, the music is awesome” — not like Hong Kong or Singapore, where I say that pretty much every night I go out. That’s how the city is. I’d be willing to check out your friend’s club – since I live next to it (城市春天, the new apartment complex across from Ikea) and see how different it is 😀