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Avatar photoRick in China

There are no awesome clubs in Chengdu.. so it’s hard to really say. I’ve never heard anyone go to any new bar or club in Chengdu and exclaim “Wow, that place is awesome” — it’s all pretty meh. Regardless of decor or music, I really think the ‘style’ of club-goers here in general makes the supply all the same, lots of tables for people to sit in their little groups playing dice games and mixing tea/whiskey rather than more stand-up room for socializing and dancing, which is what makes bigger clubs in more ‘internationalized’ cities great. The entire club business model is just different – there are tons of them, but none have ‘standards’ ie. doormen allowing/refusing people entry, and no cover charge but instead a theme of selling bottle-or-dozen at rather high prices..and since that’s the standard model here I don’t know how or if somewhere could really change it without massive campaigning or customer-demand.

clearly Lingdian on First Ring Road

Seconded. Actually I used to go there ALL the time, like 8 years ago, get a dozen beers for 100 rmb and get down with migrants on the dance floor 😀