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The key is to manage your expectations. I really enjoyed a Saturday night at Jellyfish, but then again I was just after dancing and hanging out with friends. It met my needs and Justin Bieber was only played once. I have to admit I love cheese music when drunk though, so that helps. The thing is, the Chinese mainstream music industry isn’t as dependent upon the clubbing industry as it is in the West; Chinese ballads etc are much more suited to the thriving karaoke industry. Massive generalisation, but you get my point.

If you’re looking to meet a nice girl, then I’m not too sure. The girls I saw in Jellyfish and Paname were interesting.

There are always a few scantily clad pretty girls who like to gyrate on their own next to a pole, but what freaked me out was the dead look in their eyes. It was so attention-seeking, but it wasn’t engaging, if you know what I mean? Having said that, quite a few girls seemed nice, so I dunno.

Are there any cases of clubs using fake alcohol over here? I was warned about it when I went out in BJ and SH.