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I gave my review on Jelly fish and Pan am as STD central, sure ALL clubs has their skanks and hoes, but Jelly and Pan are frequent by foreigners, as being a foreign friendly forum, it should be fore warned. One can go there to dance and have a good time. But when i see old white dudes tryin to get their mack on with girls with has questionable intentions, im pretty much convinced about those venues. Funny thing, i dont go to clubs (use to be a bouncer in clubs living in States had enough of them), maybe you could enlighten us about the other bars that has teens and old geezers whom are going to croak soon. Ill put that on my do not tread shit list. Currently, it’s only 3, Jelly, Pan Am and Shamrock.

But for small bar places; elephant bar, lazy pug, underground, hemp house, and a few more small venues in Yulin. Yet these are not clubs, just good ole bars/lounges.

@Charlie, funny you mentioned about dancing. Was at Hooters (first time ever) Sat night.. Their dancing is… yea…. Has no soul to it. China has long ways to go before they get their funk. Japan is almost there and so is Korea.