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I think you nailed it Lisa, we all left the restaurant subdued from the experience. I would have felt a little more positive about the meal if it had been priced more reasonably, but at 660 per it’s difficult to be enthusiastic about the experience available in Yu’s. My thoughts now are that overall, and the way the meal was closed by the manageress entering abruptly with the bill (reminding us of incoming guests, though all other rooms on our floor were free) is completely in opposition to the supposed ethos of it’s home style fare. How difficult would it be to offer up a pot of tea after the final dish, and quietly remind us that evening dinner guests would be arriving in due course?

The food itself comprised nothing overtly vivid or contrasting to my mind, but some nice touches with items like the black garlic. Opening with the pastry (??) brushes and what tasted like bottled ketchup dip didn’t set the tone well. I wanted the meal to be so much more to be honest, and I have to wonder why it has the reputation it does. Perhaps it’s the locale, perhaps it’s the studiously sourced ingredients (like ketchup! :p), or it might even be the ‘Nǐ hǎo’ gawking bird. The waitress was very sweet, and did engage a little with us, but not enough to redeem what was a strangely impersonal experience.

If any of you feel curious enough to go, I would go with a larger group if only to pay less, but don’t expect to be astounded.