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Avatar photoMr. Klink

Glad we had the chance to hang out last night! (Eliciting circumstances aside.) It’s funny months ago I was down at the 小卖部 picking up some beers when I heard you chatting it up with the girl at the counter. I thought to myself then “Damn this 老外说中文说得好好啊!” before you noticed me giving you the countryside stare. Then there was the obligatory Oh-Hey-Other-White-Guy nod before my throwing down of 再来一瓶! beercaps (can’t be bothered to pay for it) and shuffling out the door.

Flashforward a few months now and you come walking through the door sweat on your brow from the chase and a killer, if not bummer of a story. Again, we’ll keep an eye out for the thing just in case! Also, thanks for the biz. We think you’ll be super stoked on this new wheelie wagon.

As for Brendan’s bike it’s tough not to get excited about his bike. Guy’s got a sleek street-eater. It just looks fast!

And bike theft? Agh! If anyone here ever has there bike stolen, let us know right away and we’ll do our best to put our word out. Weibo in this case a useful tool. With a healthy following you might just get lucky if someone sees a notice about a stolen bike and happens to be in the right place to stop the thief.