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Ok I’ll bite a little even though this thread needs shooting dead…

Anytime the idea of abolition is mentioned, discussed, or pondered for even a moment, it meets with a history so entrenched that it’s impossible for the majority of Americans (or any other nationals) to imagine anything but guns guns guns. America was born of the gun, still haunted by a confederate state of mind. A state of mind that perhaps now faces more challenge than at any time in history. Of course it runs deeper than a few hundred thousand bunker bound keepers of faith, there’s a very real and tangible purpose to ‘gun control’ that rarely finds it’s way into media discussion… gun manufacturers need to sell what they produce. Lobbyists are working hard to keep crack dealers packing heat. Simplification, but ultimately a truth of circumstance. Add to this a media that only perpetuates the presence of firearms in news and entertainment every minute of every day, and there’s little escape from the mindset.

With all this and more in mind it’s next to unfathomable to imagine the passing of the gun. Short of a Police State, and a serious reversal of fortune for those who currently profit, it’s not likely I’ll see abolition in my lifetime. Paradoxically it’s not unlikely either should this issue ever come to an impasse, the whispers of which have been drawing closer since 2008.