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One thing that I’ve been looking for for years in Chengdu is about to come to fruition… and that is a dedicated Mexican restaurant in the city. You’ve been able to get Mexican dishes at Peter’s for years but the quality is kinda just so-so. The place that is going to open soon is run by the Lazy Pug people though who have proven that they are well capable of managing a high quality restaurant in Chengdu. I am really looking forward to that – I’ve heard that the name will be Crazy Pug but we’ll see.

– Sushi (Yes, I know there’s tons of sushi restaurants here, but I mean a safe one. I literally needed to get my stomach pumped after I went to 四海一家 in Yanlord)

There are two places that I go to get sushi in Chengdu – one is in Tongzilin and another is on Renmin Nanlu just south of Tianfu Sq. If you were driving up Renmin Nanlu you would turn right onto the last street before you get to Tianfu Square and the restaurant is on the second floor of the building on the corner on your right side. If I knew the name I’d post it here but I’m pretty sure some other people on here have been there (at the very least Ben on the forum who I’ve gone to this restaurant with a few times).

One other thing about sushi – sushi at a buffet is always a pass, you cannot make good sushi in enormous quantities like that without hugely compromising quality.

Pho (or any freaking Viet food…)

Oh God, I wish this was in Chengdu.