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All evidence on normal water tests I’ve found shows that Chengdu water is not only safe, but beyond minimal standards for drinking and actually perfectly fine…

Have to say I looked into this myself on arrival, and had it confirmed by a very reliable source that the tap water here is in fact well above standards. It’s really difficult to obtain any transparent info on this, and I did try. It’s definitely still a concern of mine how the waterways are policed, I think we can all as good as assume there’s ‘probably’ the occasional infringement/spill/other, but the water is by all reckoning good. I can add that the ground water coming from my project site (downtown) for the last 14 months is crystal clear, and has been for the entire duration. I drink the water regularly myself and have found it to be nothing but clean. I use a water filter, with cartridges lasting longer than usual, and see virtually no scaling on my kettle after almost 2 years usage. I’d imagine pipe-works to be an issue for some, especially in older buildings, but I’ve only lived in new construction so this doesn’t apply to me. New apartment complexes will also likely be incorporating filtration systems into their main. Without any access to unbiased and transparent info, all of this is anecdotal, I can only say personally this has not been a concern for me given the above.