Re: China Job Advice

Avatar photoBrave Chengdu

@Federico I can only share my experience – in line with what Vincent says, my company had terrible trouble hiring a competent IT manager for our 200 user office of a foreign multinational.

But we needed someone with experience of working in that kind of environment. I think you’re experience is a little different.

In the end we brought out a Brit on a full expat package. But that was a few years back.

I think the kind of home/small office skills you describe are readily available here at Chinese prices. I don’t think many buyers would appreciate the quality of service your 10 years experience would bring.

Maybe you could join the staff of some muti-national, maybe accept a Chinese rate. With the idea to build your large user base muiti-national skills, and move into a management position later. though your level of Chinese might be important.

it ‘s a little bit of a long term plan though, don’t know if that starting position would cover your family’s living.