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Avatar photoMr. Klink
I basically feel the same way as you. Obama is obviously an incredibly brilliant and charismatic person. He’s controlled by corporate interests though, like every other president since JFK. The military industrial complex, the prison complex, the drug war, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. We’ll see what happens in his second term but I have low expectations.

Ditto. I listened to the victory speech and foremost felt angry. Being detached from the fervor of the political process, the speech just sounded like bland rhetoric: increase volume, thank something that everyone values, crack joke, cue laughter, reflective pause, troops, pause, unity, increase volume, America’s great, troops, louder, America’s super fuckin’ great.

How can people buy this?

My expectations: increased militarization in the Pacific arena and not a single nod to those of us that live our lives out as genuine diplomats for the beloved Motherland.