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Great list Carl – I’m working on writing a post about study routines, because I’m pretty terrible at staying consistant, personally. I’ll study an hour a day for a few weeks and then fall off completely for months at a time, only to pick it up again in another season. Daily practice of ~15 minutes has a lot of benefits though if you can develop a daily routine, like flipping through flashcards at intervals or learning a few new words or characters per day and putting them into use.

I use a lot of the tools that you listed, especially Nciku, Lingt, and Skritter. I use an iPod Touch for a lot of my daily routine stuff, here are the apps that I’ve found helpful:

iPhone / iPod Touch Apps I use for Studying Chinese:

Panda Flashcards

KTdict+ ($5 dictionary with flash cards)

Chinese Flashcards I & II ($5 each, thousands of characters)

Nciku (dictionary + tons of example sentences, although admittedly rather bare bones compared to the Nciku website)

I will definitely check out the books you recommended!