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There are other reviews of her. I did a search on her when i needed one. Def not my style, like you said, diff opinions.

Of course i never met her. Maybe i am wrong maybe i am right. During my search for one, i asked a guy from DC area (who lived in CD) what he thought of her. He did not have many things positive. Did he visit her? Not sure, but he told me not to go to her. So can i visit her, sure, will she be so awesome that her techniques takes my breath away? Maybe.

The few women chiros i been didnt have much of an effect for me. The basic adjustments and im off with my day, nothign wrong with this of course. While males i been with (one sports and the other one just your ‘avg’ chiro), did good adjustments while telling me to careful with my line of workouts and the ‘root’ of it. There are diff type of Chiros out there, finding one that fits your needs is essential.