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Re tea houses, its pretty common practice for many of the mid-upper level places to omit the cheap (15 – 20 kuai) tea from their drinks menu. I’ve had this numerous times. Walk into a tea house, “cheapest” tea is pu ‘er at 68 kuai! Bullshit! Ask them is there any cheaper, and more often than not, they will have one (sometimes if you get up to leave this encourages them to fess up about the cheap tea). It’s a little like the bars: walk in with two guys: “Sir, there is a minimum order of 12 (or 24) bottles for each table”. Get up to leave, suddenly 2 bottles is fine….

BTW: wen shu temple tea house still has 5 kuai tea….and the huge tea house opposite jiuyanqiao has 15-20 kuai tea and free night time performances, some of which are hilariously bad….