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Avatar photoCharlie

It was an enjoyable set and was very true to his music. A lot of headliners come to China and cater their set to a “Chinese audience” (aka play wack shit) but Krush didn’t seem to hesitate at all. With that said, it’s not quite as much fun when you’re surrounded by people who don’t really understand the music or have a great appreciation for it, especially in a warehouse style venue which Xiong Mao is. When he played at Underground a few years ago I remember him playing a harder set and the venue was smaller and a little more conducive to that style of music.

He was very friendly and polite though and it was a pleasure to meet him and see him perform, especially on my birthday. Now I got an MPC signed by DJ Shadow and DJ Krush, by the way! Overall a great evening though, we had a blast at the show and even at the afterparty (at Mocoo, not Xiong Mao) until 5am.