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Avatar photoDiamond

Decided to try this place after all the reviews and being a foodie am always up for something different in China.

Set menu was okay, small portions, a few drinks weren’t available. Not a good idea having chipped crockery although I do know the plates etc are delicate but still presentation should be at least decent.

My table had to wait 15 minutes to get someone to get the bill despite a lot of staff being present. Food isn’t really Middle Eastern but a nice try as it is more for the Chinese pallet with the types of oils and spices.

The restaurant itself very nice décor not over the top, small touches of the middle East , comfortable well place furniture and the music was at least Middle Eastern and the belly dancer was entertaining.

Overall 5 out of 10 for a new restaurant hopefully some points will be refined over the future. I would recommend people give it a try once and I think maybe I will go back in a few months time after the teething problems.