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Hey Jessica, eating healthy can be done here but I agree with Ray, it can be quite a feet sometimes.

In Chengdu I’ve found it a bit easier to do than the small town I was previously in near Changchun. There, “wheat bread” was just dyed brown and my Chinese friends were convinced all the “organic” food was fake. But Chengdu offers more options and the quality of what you want will be a bit higher than local produce.

Be sure to purchase a vegetable/fruit spray which I know you can pick up at Ole supermarket. A juicer is also an essential item for preparing your own healthy food.

Always try and follow food scandals happening in China via CCTV or the China Daily. I’m sure there are better news sources for this. It seems like every few months some food or another is tainted. The last one I saw was something about that awesome brown dessert bread found in the Carrefours.

I recently found this vegetarian restaurant down the street from Laenna’s Bakery and it’s my new go to healthy eating spot. Water Lotus (not to be confused with Lotus on the Water) offers tons of mock meat tofu dishes that aren’t soaking in oil like a lot of the dishes you’ll find at typical restaurants.

Heres a link and I hope this helps.