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Others may disagree, but i find it definitely more difficult to eat healthy here. I buy “organic” rice, flax seed and other products from Ito supermarket, and am laughed at by my Chinese friends who say its fake. I’m told not to eat chicken as it’s pumped with growth hormones. Perhaps you’ve heard of the fake eggs scandal. If you’re gonna eat Chinese, be prepared for very oily dishes, MSG and high salt content. Fruits and vegetables must be soaked in a safe dishwashing liquid for at least 15 minutes to remove pesticides and “growth chemicals” (apparently expedites the ripening of them). Low fat milk is claimed by some to be merely watered down. Don’t wanna sound alarmist, but food safety is a major concern here. You can maintain a relatively healthy diet here (i think i and some friends do) but its tougher than back home. Good luck!