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Avatar photoCharlie
what are you boys eating these days?

whatcha picking up?

I’m eating about 3-4 eggs a day, sometimes as many as 8+ depending on breakfast. I find that it’s a lot faster for me to make a protein shake in the morning though, rather than to prepare eggs, so I’ve been doing that daily. My routine is two scoops of whey, a banana, creatine, and peanut butter. Sometimes I use milk, usually water though.

As far as lifting I haven’t used any machines for anything except leg presses for a long time. I do deadlifts, chin ups, clean and jerk, squats with pretty low weight, and push ups in the morning. Since I started cycling almost daily I’ve lost some weight and I’m around 200lbs now. Feels good though.

Medical researchers are now of the opinion that the white of an egg actually cuts cholesterol.

Eating eggs without the yolk feels weird and unnatural to me. I know the science on eggs “changes” almost every day but I just eat whole eggs and always have.