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Who’s gonna check it? I’ve been wanting to do this myself as well.

Pretty sure I’m doing it better than the average Chinese deadlifter hahaha, oh man the things you see here.

My weightlifting bros over at my secret website (seriously, critique my lifts.

I’ve been having moderate pain where my thighs meet my hips, in the front, so I’m thinking something needs to change with my form or I have to foam roll the piss out of it, and work in some mobility exercises or something. And deadlifts always need work haha

But yeah you see sooo much horrible form at gyms everywhere. Throwing their back into standing barbell curls, deadlifts that are more like SLDLs, half squats, benching like they’re begging for a shoulder injury, etc.

Interested in your diets. I know Ray does some funky stuff with yogurt and whatnot.

I lost a bunch of mass here in China, unfortunately.

Back home, I ate a ton of beef and over 2 liters of milk per day.

Here, eggs have become my staple food.

Eating 12 a day gets me ~70g of protein and ~900 calories.

I’d like to start eating a ton more chicken.

Brendan is probably most informed about clean dieting and clean bulking.