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tri-athletes and body building are totally different ends of the spectrum. btw i dig running too, but only 10k XC routes back in new england , eff running on the track or in cities.

regarding yogurt: the glass bottle stuff is decent only 5 grams of fat or so, 5-7 grams of protein and hopefully some calcium. I drink it with my black coffee to save my stomach.

i’ve only started weightlifing 3 months ago. but down to add to the circlejerk:

squat 105kg

DL 107.5 kg lulz needs some work

Overhead press 47.5

Bench 77kg

diet, mmm eggs, like 3-4 for breakfast, i cant deal with more than that. lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. chicken and peanut rice, lots of xinjiang food, heady meatsticks & best noodles ever.

i buy salmon from ikea 40RMB from ikea for 3 flanks, canned tuna and chicken now and again. but the post 7 years vegetarian in me still isnt too fond of cooking meat at home plus the work schedule wears me out.

btw real men troll trolls