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Oh snap! I’m using an MPC 2500, alongside Reason + Record. Still finding my feet with it really, not having had a solid length of uninterrupted time using the software, but it’s coming. I have Logic too, but much prefer the rack in Reason, the patching allows for some great sounds, even if Propellerheads do need to add some new reverbs (and a bloody graphic analyser!!). Did you update to 5? The Kong drum module is wicked, as is the 8 slot Rex player. I have some other gizmos too. Check my facebook: There are some pics of my gear on there.

Some of your tracks remind me of Ninja Tunes artists like DJ Vadim. Love the whole Trip Hop vibe, I spent a few years entrenched in that back in the UK. ’97 was when it really started to flourish.