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Chengdu is laid out like a spider web with Renmin Road down the center and 1st ring, 2nd ring and 3rd ring as the web around that crux. So first ring is the inner most ring road, packed with electronic malls and universities; 2nd ring is currently the middle ring, with some high end stuff, teahouses, club, but basically its a movement artery (ie traffic moves along) 3rd ring links the north/south/east/west parts of the city with each other via a vast ring with turnoffs. So third ring is right now the ring between the urban and the rural, big, almost like a highway and GREAT for zooming on a bike.

i saw your earlier posts. an international license is prob best, a Chinese one is easy to come by (so i hear), but really this thread has the answers and the people) for anything motorcycle related.

welcome to the du