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Fantastick (snicker). Never discovered Pterry until I was doing the compulsory service, at which time he helped me through some pretty dreary, and some downright horrible months, but I’ve been a stalwart ever since.

I’m awaiting my copy of Dogder from UK Amazon! Can’t wait for a new one from the Man With The Hat.

A bit more on topic, and (probaly) important: I forgot to mention about something regarding heavier bikes: I originally looked at an 800cc Honda Magna at the Chengdu Superbike Club (Have the Chinese name somewhere, but a google search isnea much help) located at one of the bike markets just south of the Third Ring. 25 (and a bit) 0000 if I remember right, and it’s gone s fair few KMs, but it looked to be in very good repair. I decided it was above my budget at the time (especially considering the prospect of it being confiscated) and that I didn’t need a bike that big right now. That’s my next step!