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SU would be my first choice as well but for the 1on1 program they want you to book at least 10hrs/week at 80RMB/class, add to that you have to study the whole semester if you want to get the student visa, you’re looking at a ~19200RMB tuition. That’s a little bit over the top for me. I’d be happy to pay aroud half of that.

Emailed SWUFE yesterday, thanks for the tip.

I just hope SWUN will still find a teacher for me, it’s much more nearby.

“yes, you can register at university, get the visa, and not attend class”

I’d actually go to class and study Chinese this year, which is why I want it to be the 1on1 program, lol. 6 hours/week I can manage. 16hrs+ thanks but no thanks.