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For what it’s worth I’ve joined a 25 (?) Hour Fitness, which turns out to be less than 5 minutes walk from my apartment, and has cost only 1200RMB for 6 months (1680RMB would have got me a year). The gym is just east of Wenshu Monastery subway station, virtually above a supermarket. It’s been there for 5 years apparently, so it’s showing a bit of wear and tear, but it’s spacy, with plenty of equipment and essentially, plenty of plates, but the dumbbells do cap at 70lbs which just means getting creative, but all in all a decent place for the money.

I still haven’t seen any decent whey protein, only concentrates, albeit insanely overpriced. I did see some ProLab whey, which although is still concentrate, is a good quality product so long as you’re not lactose intolerant, but not at 800RMB for a 5lb tub!! I paid $25 trade for the same tub back home, so no way that equates! The search is on for finding (or supplying) decent whey proteins.

If anyone else here sees anything worth a mention, perhaps you could post for the benefit of anyone else looking.