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Avatar photoCharlie

There aren’t really any clubs for foreigners, but here’s what you do have:

– Chinese clubs which play bad music at obscene volume levels. It’s like a kids birthday party (they literally play techno remixes of “Happy Birthday” every night) but you’ll probably get a lot of attention and free drinks. It’s fun until the novelty wears off, but since you’ve been here for a month it should still be engaging on some level. The places to go for these are Jiuyan Qiao (九眼桥) where there’s a dozen of them and more next to 88 on Shaolin Lu.

– Bars owned by or targeted at foreigners. Basically Jellyfish / Paname which are popular with college-age expats in Chengdu. Located on Kehua Beilu (科华北路) on the second floor of Caribbean Plaza (蓝色加勒比广场)

Unfortunately there isn’t really much else. For a few years the coolest club by far was Xiong Mao (where I hosted Disco Death) but it closed a while ago. It’s re-opening in a few months, so hopefully the situation will change then. Don’t hold your breath though, Chengdu has a notoriously lifeless electronic music scene (along with the rest of China, save for Beijing and Shanghai).

Hope this helps you out Dan.