Re: Hiring White Girls

Avatar photoTina

At the risk of further criticism…

If I don’t agree with worker exploitation or the ad, does that still make it a double standard?

@steevo, rick – ok, fair point that maybe the word racist was a bit harsh, but the sentiment remains. Both chinese and foreigners seem to cringe at the ‘token white bugger’ in much of the advertising here. Why does it make so many people feel uncomfortable if it is perfectly ok? Racism means a white girl will get paid more for doing the same job as a chinese girl. It’s (maybe?) not negative if you’re on the ‘paid more’ side, but what other word should I use? If I was a Chinese girl could I use this word?

On the sexist point, if I would be offended by this type of advertising back home, why should I change my standards just because I am here? I’m not naive, but don’t think ads describing people like a piece of meat are ok, anywhere. Also, I think it goes beyond mere political correctness.

Btw, not a fan of hooters either…