Re: Hiring White Girls

Avatar photoBrendan

I’m going to add my 2 cents here… I think political correctness is itself a distorted term that gets thrown about the minute anything remotely stereo typical or disenfranchising enters into any social context, but at the same time people quickly forget just why it came about as an identifiable entity in the first place. As a kid in the 80’s I remember the last dying comedians from the 70’s who thought it was okay to build a routine around black jokes, and any other colour or creed that could be boiled down to an easily imagined stereo type. Stereo types are perfect little nuggets for the uneducated, not requiring any thought or dissemination, just a quick bite and you’ve got one. Sexism & racism, call them what you will, they both exist by virtue of stereo typing, and the lack of understanding or information therein. China being the developing nation that it is doesn’t yet carry the cultural depth afforded a cosmopolitan nation, so whilst some of it’s preconceptions are forgivable, it doesn’t at the same time make them perpetually acceptable. If an advert is asking specifically for ‘White Girls’ (with picture I might add), doesn’t that suggest a preconceived notion, or idealised premium on a specific gender and race? If I’m a black woman (who perhaps speaks Chinese), should I not take offense to the advert?

Most of us are aware of the ‘White Monkey’ phenomenon, even happy to take advantage economically, but personally I would feel very uncomfortable and diminished if I thought I was aiding and abetting any such discrimination. And that doesn’t make me the judge of anyone taking a job for the money, it just points to the fact that there is deep lack of cultural awareness prevalent within a people who have been shut off from the outside world for too long. Having personal reference to such discrimination back home is why an advert such as this just grates me.