Re: Hiring White Girls

Avatar photoChris Ziich

I think the bigger picture is that people will be discriminated against for their differences no matter what. If we’re going to address discrimination, should it end at gender, race, age, weight, social status, sexual orientation, hair color, height, cell phone brand, etc.?

Is it right to discriminate? That’s up to you. But the fact of the matter is that it’s natural. It’s happened since the beginning of time and will continue to happen. People will continue to justify it as they see fit. It’s not right nor wrong is disagree with it, but we have to understand that it’s a part of reality.

As for Jeremy Lin (I actually only came in here to chime in on this)… I respect and admire the guy. He is a sick point guard and his rise to stardom is a great story. However I feel kind of irritated by all the “Linsanity.” I think it’s silly that all of the sudden people are exclaiming that he’s bringing hope to Chinese/Taiwanese/Asian Americans. I don’t understand it. Just because he is successful and happens to be Asian doesn’t mean you will benefit in any way. Your jumpshot will not magically improve, your chances of getting into Harvard won’t get any better, and most importantly, no one will automatically give you more respect just because you and Jeremy Lin are both coincidentally Asian.

So I think it’s ridiculous that China, Taiwan, and Asian Americans are trying to “claim” him as their own right now. None of them did anything for him to help him achieve what he has. His ethnicity has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his ability to play basketball. So I think it’s stupid to on one hand say “people are racist against Asians” and then on the other hand say “look at Jeremy Lin, he’s Asian and awesome, so all Asians are awesome!” The logic is flawed.

He earned respect for himself and maybe his immediate family and anyone that directly contributed to his success. If you want respect, you earn it yourself. You’ll get none for riding the coattails of someone that just happens to look like you.

i apologize for going off on a tangent