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I don’t think you understood my last point, at all. The topic here is stereotypes. It is about generalities made about Sichuan people, and generalities Sichuan people make about people from other provinces. This doesn’t mean “I think xxxx.” – whether it’s true or not. It’s about *generalities*, and I find it curious why you’re making a comment about me *personally* in a post about generalities…

RE: “you really don’t have good life at Chengdu” Based on what, exactly? I’ve had a high paying job for 7 years. I own an apartment in the city, bought in cash, and just finished designing and construction mostly myself. I enjoyed that. I live with a great girl, and literally travel the world – well, except for the last half year I’ve been on bail and can’t leave the city. I don’t know why my “life is hell”, in your eyes…but it’s unfortunate your deductive skills lead you to believe that based on some forum posts.

Often posts, especially ones like this, are about discussing the goods and bads of the city, or in this case the stereotypes about it. I’ve been here a very long time. The “Chengdu is a land of greatness!” that many new people see, especially because it’s *cheap*, has worn off…I certainly don’t look at everything with rose colored glasses, but if I thought “life was hell”, I also certainly wouldn’t be here.