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Avatar photoRick in China

“If Chengdu was all lazy and careless people”

Sure they would. Cost vs. output. Even if people are less effective/efficient, the extremely low cost for that kind of labour in the outskirts of Chengdu makes the overall cost/output ratio better than a more industrious workforce that has a much higher per-person cost. I’m not saying that this is the actual case, I’ve no idea, just saying the argument against Sichuan-laziness can’t be made by pointing out several large manufacturing your experience, would you say when you think Chengdu workers or employees (not the exceptions, either :D), the words: diligent, effective, efficient, or meticulous come to mind? All the manufacturers would love employees with these soft skills, but I’d wager they care more about the fact people in the city outskirts will take 1200rmb/month manufacturing jobs.

“As labor cost rises in China’s coastal cities, the labor-intensive manufacturing sector is moving westward to cities like Chengdu, where labor cost is still relatively cheap. The 2013 Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu is expected to highlight the importance of China’s western regions in the future of the global economy.”

I’ve never read anyone say “We’re moving to Chengdu for the hard workers.”