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Hi Victoria,

I just went through this in the summer. Nightmare!

It depends on what route your items are taking. I’m guessing they will port at either Beijing or Shanghai before continuing to Chengdu (??), and because of this you have to deal with customs at port of entry, not final destination. Personally my shipment came through Shanghai, and long story short I had a hard time getting it cleared in good time. The company moving your items should have appointed a broker (or at least suggested one to you) for making the value declaration at port of entry customs, which my shipper failed to do. The first broker I assigned dropped the ball mid-way, leaving me to find an alternate. I also had to find a customs broker in Chengdu (bar travelling to Shanghai) to sign the declaration forms with in person. A lot of what I shipped was audio equipment and electrical items, so I got hit with an 11,000 rmb duty even after some creative valuations, so be warned on that.

Be aware also that you officially have 90 days from date of entry to claim your cargo, after which it is ‘locked out’, and yes, this is basically another way to take some more money from you. It’s not too prohibitive though, I think my shipment was in Shanghai for approximately 120 days, and I had to pay somewhere under a 1000 for going over the 90.

PM me if you want any contacts.