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Avatar photoRick in China

Andy, RE: Tokyo flight – I’ve flown to/from Tokyo direct with immigration done here in Chengdu. Did the flight advertise direct when you booked it? No stops listed? It might be (most?) important to list the airlines as well, not just the route.. experiences with different airlines makes or breaks the flight 😀 For example Thai airways is wonderful, especially in comparison to Air China flights on the same route….

Recent int’l flights not mentioned above – flew Chengdu>Kuala Lumpur>Langkawi via AirAsia which ended up being really cheap – like 3200 RMB/pp return even tho booked it last minute. It was pretty standard, no hassles. Keep in mind on AirAsia budget flights though they are strict on carry on size/weight since anything over == money for them, so pay attention to their rules and restrictions and make sure you are under their limits or get dinged a few times on your trip.