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Avatar photoCharlie
I guess i can never understand why those in the Apple store are so passionate about those products (the ones working there and ones buying)

Superior design and superior products. The competition is years behind, evidenced by every post-iPhone smartphone looking like an iPhone and every post-iPad tablet looking like an iPad.

does the consumer know what is happening to their people to just make ‘i’ stuff?

Yeah, they manufacture things for low wages and relatively poor working conditions because they’re Chinese factory workers. Even though conditions at Foxconn are far better than your average factory in China and any of the employees can simply not apply for that job. There will always be people applying for those jobs though since for millions of people the alternatives are less attractive.

Different morals here i guess

Yeah… plus the vast majority of people really don’t care enough to change anything, evidenced by the fact that this has been highly publicized for years yet Apple continues to break world sales records.

If the goal is to raise awareness of working conditions at Foxconn in order to get Apple to move manufacturing to the US, that is never going to happen. China will remain China, Apple will continue manufacturing in export-driven third world economies, and they will continue breaking sales records for the foreseeable future.