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It may seem like “slave labor” to you, but it’s better than planting/harvesting rice in rural China. Foxconn workers make 20x more per day compared to the $1 farm workers make. You have a very Western and subjective perspective on things.

apple makes $400,000 profit from every employee, be that a 15 year-old kid in China or a stock-options fat exec in the States.

I assume the kids you describe are Foxconn employees: which are not Apple employees or subject to Apple work conditions, wages, or environment since they are a separate entity in a different hemisphere. Apple is one of the best companies in the world to work for in terms of work conditions and is serious about addressing environmental concerns unlike their competitors. So I think “I hope Steve Jobs is burning in hell” is a pretty juvenile and uneducated position to take considering how far he advanced consumer technology, design philosophy, and business leadership throughout his career.

Good luck to them, but with such astronomical profits don’t they have some moral (if not egal) responsibility to pass some of that on to all their workers?

A business doesn’t have to change the manufacturing status quo, but it have to make money.

Think about this: right now you are probably accessing the internet with a device that has components made by Foxconn. They make every imaginable component you can think of, from motherboards to CPU sockets, dongles, cables etc. If you have a TV, laptop, or mobile phone, they probably all have Foxconn parts inside of them. If you’re accessing the internet, that data is passing through a router with Foxconn components in it.

Foxconn clients include American, European and Japanese companies. They manufacture the Amazon Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii among countless other everyday items.

Ask yourself: what is it that leads to the conditions at Foxconn? It is the collective demand of the entire world for inexpensive electronics. This is capitalism.