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Avatar photoBrendan
I don’t get the whole Apple hype…

Wait a while until you’ve owned that good looking Galaxy for a bit, and see if you don’t get it just a little bit!

It’s hugely about brand loyalty of course, and this has been discussed in a previous thread already, so no need to venture too far back now. I’ll say for myself I’ve had multiple nightmare scenarios with Windows for one, which first caused my jump to Apple when they released their first generation MacBook Pro in ’06. I did have an HTC on Android for a year, and found it to be less than straight forward, or consistently reliable, even if somewhat flexible. Apple’s dominance and loyalty is found in it’s consistent stability of all platforms, and the strength of it’s brand design and presence. I’ve seen some really good looking Android phones, particularly the Samsung models, but as an Apple user I dig the interoperability of the products I own (MacBook/iPad/Iphone/iTouch).

End of Apple fan letter.