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This thread is heart strings comedy gold (with some wisdom twists thrown in)!!

Here’s my early morning tuppence…

If you genuinely feel anything for anyone beyond a momentary infatuation, you should let your feelings be known as completely as they can be. It will take you far longer to come to terms with having shied away from your emotions than it would to just confront them and face the consequences. Life is risk, and it’s the risk that brings reward, even if you don’t get what you want in the moment. If you’re really taken with someone and you feel any reciprocation from them, why would you waste time worrying about ‘what if’s’? Beyond that, stop over thinking and make a choice!

Personally some of my closest friends have been made of women I’ve been attracted to, or vice versa. There are some things I can discuss with my female friends that I just can’t broach with most male friends. These friendships are invaluable to me.

Know what you want, and go after it without hesitation.

But if he is married?how can I do?

This is a whole new ball park! Maybe if you gave us some more information to go on…