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Hello Jenny,

I have practiced muay thai for the past 4 years with Li Qing in Mianyang and have spent some time in Thailand as well. I am also a certified personal trainer. I worked with Moko for a couple of weeks last year, but his gym was pretty far from where I was living and wasn’t really what I was looking for. Currently I have a couple of private classes every week at a couple of locations and I am meeting with another gym on Saturday. I might not be the most experienced fighter in Chengdu, but I am a great trainer who understands fitness, muay thai, and training. I can give you some more information about classes early next week if you are interested.

As for $, 200/hr for a private is acceptable. Like Jerry, I charge 400/hr for private classes. Open classes usually run around 30-45/hr depending on the location and number of students.