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Avatar photoCharlie

Never witnessed any violent crime or heard of anyone getting killed or even seriously injured in a violent attack in my neighborhood (Yulin) before. I don’t doubt that it’s happened before, but I’m working on the assumption that it’s very rare.

Do you know what happened after the stabbing? Was the attacker apprehended?

One time I was DJ’ing in Xiamen and I looked up at the crowd and saw the back of everyones heads. Not knowing what was going on, I searched around the room trying to see what was happening and I saw a guy covered in blood walking across the dance floor toward me. He walked right past the DJ booth to a table in the back of the club where he sat down with some other people, one of whom gave him a towel that he wiped his head off with. A moment later, everything resumed as if nothing had happened.

Violent crime seems to be very rare in China though, or at least you very rarely hear about it. Compared to in the States where it’s common in urban areas. I have a lot of stories of violence through DJ’ing in the states: one time I came back to my car at 3am in DC and the hood was covered in blood from where two people who exited the party and fought in the street. One guy got his face slammed into my car, denting it and bleeding everywhere.